Selina Carrera Live at UCB Inner Sanctum Theater, Los Angeles

by Selina Carrera

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Selina Carrera LIVE Acoustic set at UCB Inner Sanctum Theater in Los Angeles, CA


released January 30, 2017

Selina Carrera x William Colella



all rights reserved


Selina Carrera Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Selina Carrera is a freestyle-singer, songwriter, rapper, & poet from Philly, PA. Selina, previously signed to Columbia Records & later joined Pras (The Fugees) led group "The Axxis". After spending time as Lauryn Hill's background singer in 2011, Selina stepped into her own solo career. Some artists Selina has shared the stage with are Seal, P. Diddy, Musiq SoulChild, Lauryn Hill & Joey Bada$$ ... more

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Track Name: Calm Down Live at UCB Sunset
Calm down calm down
No ones round
No ones here but me
Calm down calm down
No room for doubts
When it's just you and me
No need to fight
Just dry your eyes
I don't plan to leave
I know I'm nobody perfect
Still hope you see worth in
Me just

Calm down calm down
No need to shout when
It's all love from me
Stay true I stay true
It could be a piece of cake u see
Love don't gotta be hard
Know your scar'ed
Got some scars myself but I
Where my heart on my sleeve
You would like to see

Calm down calm down
I Know life's hard
But it's cool
I promise we'll make it far
You are like a star
Guiding me to safety
You know I'm poppin off
Like my gun ain't on a safety
I. .
Know I know. .

Travel far just to come back home
Travel far just to go back home
Hopefully my
Something on the stove
Know it's cold outside these days
But I
Got some warmth for u my baby
And if your ever missing me
Put on this sweater and think of me

Calm down calm down
You where a crown
Hopefully the
Thought of me
Will keep away your frown
And if not I hope that
You keep away your frown
Cuz u beautiful and suitable
Just to keep around my
Everything that I need
Don't u dare make me drop down to a knee
U keep me calm and cool and collected
So glad that Goddess selected

To be to be
Right here with me
Keeping me calm
Keeping me calm
When I feel worry I hide in your arms
Thank you my Goddess for bringing us here today
Today today
Was a day was a day but
It's cool just come on down
Calm come calm come calm on down


Calm calm on down with me jus
Come on down with me love
Calm, Calm on down with me, love..
Track Name: UCB Live Freestyle 'Super Galactic' Live at UCB Sunset
Verse 1:
I hear your chitter-chatter
And your laughter,
when I walk into the room.
Tell me what your scared of?
Do you see my power, What I do consume?
You say that I'm worthless,
I don't have the right to be just where I am..

Chorus 1:
Is it my
prophylactic, super-galactic, Afro-Latino
that's in my veins, are you scared?

Verse 2:
Tell me what your scared of,
When I wear my hoodie?
Do I come across to hard?
I know I am from Philly.
But I promise you,
I am just someone who's trying to do
what I have to do, while I am here.
Not trying to go out by shootouts
Like out in Chicago with all of my peers.

Chorus 2:
I'm just
Hoping for some super-galactic
Understand, Overstanding.
Save Your Tears Save Your Tears, ORGANIZE lets make change here.
That super-galactic
oh fantastic
I can take down everything
My ancestors with me,
I hope you see my heart in my art.. I know, I know, it's hard, it's hard, it's hard, it's hard sometimes..

Verse 3
I can't go outside these days
without running into rain
I can't turn on my TV
without seeing someone in pain
I can't do nothing but think about
How I'm gonna attain
There's so much on my shoulders,
that's that strength that I will gain.

Outro Chorus:
I'm that
Super-galactic oh fantastic
Afro-Latino that's running through my veins, you cannot take it away.
I'm That super-galactic, oh fantastic.. MY LIFE IT MATTERS, your fear it shatters away.